We Empower Kids 
With The Skill-Set and Mind-Set To 
Stand Up To Bullies, Peer Pressure
and Other Negative Influences!
Dear Parents, Teachers, And
Community Leaders...
Drugs... Alcohol... Sexting... School-shootings... And a bullying epidemic that, despite massive media attention, shows no signs of going away.
In fact, because of smartphone and social media it's worse and scarier than ever.

My name is Ran Zohar, and for over 30 years now I've been on a mission to
empower as many kids as possible with the mind-set and skill-set to  stand up to bullies, peer-pressure and other dangerous and negative influences. 

If you're like most parents, teachers, and anyone who cares for children, you too are worried that sooner or later your kids will fall victim to bullying.

Statistically speaking, they almost certainly will.

Unfortunately, most parents are at a loss about who to turn to or what they can do to prevent it from happening.

School Districts are spending thousands of dollars on ineffective anti-bullying programs and promoting “Stop bullying” campaigns, none of which have proven to be very effective in protecting every single child from being bullied.

In fact, the best schools can manage is to punish the bully AFTER the bullying has already occurred and the psychological damage has been done.

What's even worse, is that some of the "anti bullying" programs I've come across in my extensive research  actually teach kids methods that are at best impractical, and at worst would actually make things worse for the victim.  

So how is this program is different?
I don't believe the answer is in trying to rid the world of bullies - that's naive and unrealistic.

I believe the answer is in empowering our kids with the know-how (skill set) and mental/emotional resilience (mind-set) to successfully avoid and defuse virtually any bullying situation.

In just Six weeks this program
efficiently and effectively teaches Kids:
How to stand up
and speak up
for themselves assertively and with real self confidence
How to avoid, verbally de-escalate, & physically defend themselves against all types of Bullying
How To say NO to vaping, smoking, drugs, alcohol, sex sexting, and other dangerous behaviors
How to develop "thicker skin" and the resilient mind-set that will keep them emotionally safe 
Choose an option to learn more:
our program isn't only about protecting kids from harm,
it's also about supporting worthy causes in our community!
We Donate 30% Of The Proceeds From Every Enrollment To The Non-Profit Organization That Enrollment Came From!
our program is offered exclusively through fund-raising partnerships with local non-profits, including schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, PTO's, scouts, and more!
Partnering with us is free, easy, and we do all the work for you!
If you'd like us to contact you about setting-up a fundraising partnership for your organization 
just click the YELLOW button below to visit our fundraising partnership application page. 
Our Goal Is To Empower As Many Kids As Possible, In As Many Communities As Possible!
We are working hard to make our program available nationwide by training and licensing select martial arts schools.  While this program is not about "martial arts moves", we strongly believe that qualified martial arts teachers are best suited to teach this material, having the background knowledge in self-defense, and more importantly, professional experience in teaching kids in a group setting.   

If you are a professional martial arts teacher who would like to offer this program in your community click the GREEN button bellow.
Go Ahead And Take Action Now!
How Marina Put A Bully in his place
Hayden shares his experience
Let’s break it all down...
Here's just some of what kids learn IN THIS PROGRAM:
  • How to avoid being selected and targeted by a bully
  • ​How to “talk their way out” of potential bullying when picked on
  • How to set boundaries, verbal and non-verbal, and stand up for  themselves 
  • ​A Powerful mind-set to easily "brush off" a bully's verbal abuse  rather than “taking it personally”
  • ​Exactly what to say (and the right way to to say it) in different bullying  scenarios and confrontations
  • ​How to stand up tall, look a bully in the eyes, and communicate with  total confidence (even if they’re shy or have low self esteem)
  • ​How to block and defend themselves from common physical attacks without injuring the bully
  • ​How to safeguard themselves and minimize the devastating effects of  Cyberbullying and other on-line dangers, including child-predators
  • ​How to say NO to vaping, smoking, drugs, alcohol, sex, sexting, and any attempts to pressure them into participating dangerous behavior.
  • And much, much more.
Go Ahead And Take Action Now!
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