A Six-Week Bully Proofing
Program For kids Ages 6 to 14
Empower Your Kids 
With The Skill-Set and Mind-Set 
To Stand Up To Bullies, Peer-Pressure
and Other Negative Influences 
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Raising Kids These Days Can Be Scary...
Drugs... Alcohol... Sexting... School-shootings... 
And a bullying epidemic that, despite massive media attention, shows no signs of going away. In fact, smartphones and social media have made things much worse and scarier than ever.
Hello Parents,  my name is Ran Zohar. 

For over 30 years now I've been on a mission to empower as many kids as possible with the mind-set and skill-set to  stand up to bullies, peer-pressure and other dangerous and negative influences. 

Until recently, the only way for your kids to learn these important skills was
to enroll at my martial arts school and stick with the classes for 3-4 years. 
However, your kids won't have to do that...

For the first time ever, I am sharing my effective methods with the public through a fun course designed to empower and bully-proof your kids in just 6 weeks!

In just 6 weeks your Kids Will Learn:
How to stand up
and speak up
for themselves assertively and with real self confidence
How to avoid, verbally de-escalate, & physically defend themselves against all types of Bullying
How To say NO to vaping, smoking, drugs, alcohol, sex sexting, and other dangerous behaviors
How to develop "thicker skin" and the resilient mind-set that will keep them emotionally safe 
Why did I decide to do this now...?

Because I'm sick and tired of hearing tragic stories day after day, and I am frustrated with the lack of effective solutions available to parents like you,
who know that it's up to them to do something to protect their kids 
instead of doing nothing and "hoping" it won't happen to them...

And by "it" I mean terrible things like:
  • Problems in school, including not wanting to go and falling grades
  • Drastic drop in self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness
  •  Drastic drop in self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness
  •   Acting out and behavior problems
  •   Withdrawing and becoming socially isolated and 
  •  Having money or valuables forcibly taken 
  •  New or increased Depression
  •   New or increased Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  •   Physical Violence, bodily harm, and even permanent injuries 
  •   Emotional injuries that can last a lifetime 
  • Teen and even pre-teen suicide
  •  …and in the saddest, most extreme cases, mass-shootings at school
I realize that most parents don't like to think about it because it can be upsetting to stop and imagine all those bad things that could happen to your child.  

What's even worse is that the more you think about it, the more you find yourself growing even more worried... And the more you worry, the more you stress about knowing that these dangers are lurking out there. 

The good news is that if you've read this far, you're already beginning to realize that
You don't have to feel powerless. 

You can decide to do something about it right now.
I hope to meet you soon and see your child in my program.

- Ran Zohar, Program Founder
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Did you know... when you enroll in our program
you're Not only safeguarding your kids from harm,
you're also supporting your favorite non-profit!
We Donate 30% Of The Proceeds From Your Enrollment To The Non-Profit Organization You Choose To Enroll Through!
our program is offered exclusively through fund-raising partnerships with local non-profits, including schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, PTO's, scouts, and more!
Partnering with us is free, easy, and we do all the work for you!
If you'd like us to contact you about setting-up a fundraising partnership
for your organization just click the "Host A  Fundraiser"
link at the top of this page.
Here's how it works...
STEP 1: Click any of the blue "Sign Up" buttons on this page and you'll be taken to a page that lists all upcoming Nobody Picks On Me courses and the organization each of the courses is raising funds for. 

STEP 2: Choose the course raising funds for your organization.

STEP 3:  fill in the secure enrollment form, and submit your payment. 

At the end of 6-week course we will hold a "Graduation Party" for all participants and present a check to a representative of your chosen organization in the amount of the total sum of $50 per participant who enrolled and paid through that organization's enrollment form.
Go Ahead And Take Action Now!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
How Marina Put A Bully in his place
Hayden shares his experience
Let’s break it all down...
Here's just some of what your kids will learn:
  • How to avoid being selected and targeted by a bully
  •  How to “talk their way out” of potential bullying when picked on
  • How to set boundaries, verbal and non-verbal, and stand up for  themselves 
  •  A Powerful mind-set to easily "brush off" a bully's verbal abuse  rather than “taking it personally”
  •  Exactly what to say (and the right way to to say it) in different bullying  scenarios and confrontations
  •  How to stand up tall, look a bully in the eyes, and communicate with  total confidence (even if they’re shy or have low self esteem)
  •  How to block and defend themselves from common physical attacks without injuring the bully
  •  How to safeguard themselves and minimize the devastating effects of  Cyberbullying and other on-line dangers, including child-predators
  •  How to say NO to vaping, smoking, drugs, alcohol, sex, sexting, and any attempts to pressure them into participating dangerous behavior.
  • And much, much more...
All This For Only $147
Can you honestly afford NOT to do this?

your kids deserve to feel safe.
you deserve to feel peace of mind.

Your Kids Will Learn Techniques to deal with virtually any bullying scenario...
Whether it's simple teasing, severe physical violence, cyber-stalking or even the worst scenarios you can imagine, but... 

Learning simple, practical, age-appropriate self-defense techniques is only half of the solution which is why it's only half of my curriculum.

The other half, the "secret ingredient" that makes the Nobody Picks On Me program so effective, is that it instills in your kids the right empowering Mind-Set!

You see, no amount of self-defense "moves" will ever work unless they are backed by the right Mind-Set of confidence, resilience and self-belief. 

Simply put, if your child operates from the Mind-Set that she's powerless against a big scary bully, she will never be able to effectively use any self-defense, karate or MMA "move", regardless of how many moves she's learned. 

Life-Skills that last a life-time...
When your kids learn the Nobody Picks On Me Mind-set concepts they'll become assertive, emotionally resilient, and have the confidence to stand-up to any bully or predator, and if need be, fight back so they can safely get away.

The best part is that this new mind-set will also reflect in how your kids express and carry themselves...

You'll love it when you see your kids begin to stand taller and walk confidently...

You'll be impressed when you notice them maintaining strong eye-contact...

And you'll be proud when they Speak-up for themselves with a strong, clear, assured and confident voice. 

Most of all, you will feel more at ease, knowing that your kids' new confident mannerisms and how they will carry themselves will make it far less likely that they'll even be targeted by bullies or predators, who look for kind, sensitive and vulnerable "easy prey".

Can you see how this program will change and improve your kids' lives?

Can you see how it might even save your child's life?
Here's what to do next...
I believe you deserve the peace of mind you'll have knowing your kids can protect themselves, stand up for themselves, and stay safe, don't you?

How much easier will you sleep at night knowing your kids are trained to recognize and resist peer pressure in this dangerous age of vaping,drugs, alcohol, sexting, and sexually active middle-schoolers?

You love your kids, you're looking at this website, you're reading these words and you know it's time to take action.

So go ahead, click on the button bellow, sign-up, and congratulate yourself for being a parent who's actually doing something about bullying.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Ages Is This Program For?
The program is designed for kids ages 6-14.

Is This Karate or Martial Arts? 
No. While there are some physical self-defense "moves" taught, this program focuses on teaching kids how to set boundaries, de-escalate potential confrontations, and develop a resilience mind-set. 

What Is The Time Commitment For This Program? The program consists of six weekly 50-minute sessions and a demonstration-graduation party for the whole family.

Will This Program Teach My Kids To Hit Others? 
We teach a myriad or techniques and strategies designed to avoid violence. However, we teach kids how to get away if they are physically assaulted, which may require them to hit an aggressor in order to break free and get away.   

Where Is The Course Held?
Our courses are held exclusively at 
Nobody Picks On Me licensed martial
arts schools around the country. 

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